Knowledge Base

  1. Address Book 

    1. How to delete contacts from your Address Book
    2. How do I import a CSV file of Contacts?
    3. Will my recipients be added to my Address Book?
    4. Where are my reminders?
  2. eCard Browsing 

    1. How to filter eCards by Collection and Occasion.
  3. eCard Receiving 

    1. Why wasn't my ecard received?
    2. How can I get my ecard to go to an AOL or Yahoo account that won’t take it?
    3. How can I reply to the person who sent the card?
    4. The URL in my eCard notification took me to a website that was not
  4. eCard Sending 

    1. How do I make my message look handwritten?
    2. How to Post an eCard to Facebook
    3. Can I cancel or delete an eCard?
    4. Problems with seeing eCards or cannot view eCards
    5. Are my ecard messages confidential?
  5. General Info 

    1. What are the benefits to having an eCards subscription?
    2. Why doesn't Hallmark eCards have a Phone Number?
    3. Customer service for Website
    4. Feeln Offer
    5. Is my account information secure?
  6. Gift Wish Certificate 

    1. Gift Wish Explained
    2. Gift Wish is not available
    3. What is a Gift Wish certificate?
    4. How do I request a refund for the Gift Wish for the ecard I sent?
    5. How can I determine if I received a Gift Wish certificate with an eCard?
  7. Login 

    1. Can I use my (My Hallmark, Hallmark) password on eCards?
    2. How do I change my password?
    3. Invalid Key on forgot password
    4. Having trouble resetting my password
  8. Sharing 

    1. Facebook sharing not working
  9. Subscription 

    1. How do I cancel my eCard subscription?
    2. Cannot Send eCards - Asked to Pay
    3. Auto Bill
    4. My account is through iTunes, how do I manage it?
    5. New Pricing Options
  10. All articles 

    1. Is Hallmark sending spam eCards?
    2. Can my computer receive a virus from your eCards?
    3. When are future dated ecards sent?
    4. Can I download or print my ecard?
    5. What are the benefits to having an eCards subscription?

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