Can my computer receive a virus from your eCards?

  Because you don't download Hallmark eCards, it is virtually impossible for there to be a virus with a legitimate Hallmark eCard.

Here is how to tell if your Hallmark eCard notification is legitimate:

  • Hallmark eCard emails do not include any attachments. To be safe, if you receive an ecard notification with an attachment, delete it immediately, then empty your "trash" or "deleted emails" from your email client. 
  • A legitimate Hallmark email notification will include the sender's first name and last name in the subject line. If you do not recognize the name of the person sending the eCard, do not click on any links in the email and delete the email.
  • The notification will include a link to the eCard on as well as a URL that can be pasted into a browser. The URL will begin with followed by characters that identify the individual eCard. 
  • Hallmark eCards are not downloaded and they are not .exe files. 
  • will never require an eCard recipient to enter a username, password or any other personal information to pick up an eCard.  

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