Why wasn't my ecard received?

This problem most often turns out to be a typing error. Please double-check the accuracy of your recipient's email address. However, if your recipient's email address is correct, their Internet service provider could be routing the ecard notification to a bulk folder. For example, Yahoo sets up bulk folders to intercept what they consider to be bulk mail or "spam" allowing only personal messages through to the inbox. Since millions of messages from Hallmarkecards.com are sent, it's possible for Yahoo, or similar providers, to consider ecard notifications to be bulk mailings. Also, either your recipient or their Internet service provider could be blocking all mail from the Hallmarkecards.com server. If your recipient's domain uses Sender Policy Framework (SPF) technology, our ecard notification will not be delivered.


Forward the email confirmation you received from us to the intended recipient. The confirmation contains the URL they can click on to see the ecard.

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