Maxine Facts and Information

Maxine's Website:

To visit the Maxine website click here.

The Maxine website offers:

  • Animation
  • Crabby Road comic archive
  • Hot Flash Central - the place to go for Maxine news
  • Downloads including desktop wallpaper and web banners
  • Maxine ecard page, including new animated cards with Maxine’s voice
  • History page

Maxine's Cat and Dog:

"Nip" is a stray cat that hangs around Maxine's neighborhood sometimes.  Maxine likes the independent nature of the cat . . . kind of like her in a way.

John Wagner, Maxine's creator, named Nip after one of his mom's cats.  Their names were Nip and Tuck.

Click on the attachment below to see a picture of Nip with Maxine.

Maxine's dog is named Floyd.

Maxine Products:

Visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown retail store for Maxine products in our current product line.

Maxine Fan Club:

Hallmark stopped distributing Maxine Fan Club material in 2002 and the Maxine Fan Club was discontinued in 2003.

Unauthorized use of the Maxine image to create racist/offensive messages:

Hallmark would never create or distribute any racist message.

We are aware that certain people have illegally copied images of Hallmark's popular Maxine character to distribute with various racist or other inappropriate messages which they have posted on the Internet or distributed by email. 

It is illegal for anyone to infringe on any copyrighted materials by copying or distributing the image of any Hallmark owned property. Anyone who does so is subject to prosecution. This includes forwarding illegally infringed upon copyrighted materials, even if someone else created and distributed the image previously.

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