How to Post an eCard to Facebook

On the Address and Send page, there is a Post to Facebook button at the top right, if the eCards can be posted.

*Facebook posting is not allowed on all eCards due to licensing restrictions.

We will then prepare your eCard for posting to Facebook. This should take around 15 seconds

Click the blue 'Post to Facebook' button to launch the Facebook sharing window. Popup blockers may interfere. You might also be asked to log into your Facebook account. If for some reason you have problems with the sharing window, you can copy the eCard Link and paste it directly into Facebook. 

This is the sharing window. Privacy options are on the bottom, post destinations are in the upper left with On your own Timeline as the default, but you can post to other places:

  1. On your own Timeline
  2. On a friends Timeline
  3. In a group
  4. On a Page you Manage
  5. In a Private Message

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