Import Address Book From Other Email Providers

You have the ability to import your email addresses from your personal emails account.  

1.Log into your account.
2.Click on your My Account and select "Address Book" from the drop-down menu
3.Click the button "Import Contacts"
4. Select your email service to import from.
5.You will be sent to a verification page and select "Accept"
6. A page with your contact addresses will pop up. Click the box next to the names you would like to add
7. Check off all the addresses you want to add, click the "Import Contacts" button
8. That should be it! Your addresses should now be in your eCard address book.

You can import from the following services:
.CSV File

Mobile Intructions: On the mobile site the instructions are the same as above. In the iOS app contacts can be imported from your device by going to the Address Book under Account and tapping on Import Contact which will automatically complete.

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