How do I import a CSV file of Contacts?

When importing CSV files, make sure that the First Name, Last Name, and Email columns on the spreadsheet are labeled EXACTLY as follows --
first name(optional)last name(optional)email
You can have as many columns as you want, but only these three columns will be imported into our system. Once you have your CSV file ready, you can follow the steps below to import it.

1) Log into

2) On the Address Book page.

Click Import Contacts

3) Select CSV. Last option in the list

4) Click Upload to browse for your CSV file to upload

5) From there you should get a popup telling the names and emails read in from the import. You can select as many as you want to import. It could take up to 10 min to process all your contacts for import.

Mobile Instructions: This feature is not available in the iOS app but can be accessed on the mobile site.

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