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  1. Are email addresses case sensitive?

  2. Are my ecard messages confidential?

  3. Are the cards sent as BCC or can everyone see everyone else's name or e-address

  4. Auto Bill

  5. Can I add a photo to my eCard?

  6. Can I cancel or delete an eCard?

  7. Can I download or print my ecard?

  8. Can I post an eCard to Facebook in the future?

  9. Can I use my (My Hallmark, Hallmark) password on eCards?

  10. Can I view an eCard I sent to someone else?

  11. Can my computer receive a virus from your eCards?

  12. Cannot Send eCards - Asked to Pay

  13. Customer service for Website

  14. Do Gift Wish certificates expire?

  15. Do I have to have an account to send or receive an ecard?

  16. Do you have spell check for adding personalized messages to your cards?

  17. Do you support Internet explorer 8 as my browser?

  18. Don't have an active subscription

  19. Facebook sharing not working

  20. Feeln Offer

  21. Gift Wish Explained

  22. Gift Wish is not available

  23. Hallmark Australia & UK

  24. Having trouble resetting my password

  25. How can I check whether my eCard was delivered or received or opened?

  26. How can I determine if I received a Gift Wish certificate with an eCard?

  27. How can I get my ecard to go to an AOL or Yahoo account that won’t take it?

  28. How can I pay for a Gift Wish certificate?

  29. How can I reply to the person who sent the card?

  30. How do I access my address book to send an eCard?

  31. How do I access my Address Book?

  32. How do I cancel my eCard subscription?

  33. How do I change my email address?

  34. How do I change my password?

  35. How do I check my Subscription Status or if I have a subscription?

  36. How do I exit private browsing mode?

  37. How do I find out when my subscription expires or status?

  38. How do I import a CSV file of Contacts?

  39. How do I make my message look handwritten?

  40. How do I purchase an eCards subscription?

  41. How do I request a refund for the Gift Wish for the ecard I sent?

  42. How do I view ecards that I have recently purchased?

  43. How do I view my favorite or saved ecards

  44. How do you access the Hallmark Sentiment Library

  45. How do you schedule an eCard for a future date?

  46. How to delete contacts from your Address Book

  47. How to filter eCards by Collection and Occasion.

  48. How to Post an eCard to Facebook

  49. I accidentally sent an eCard with a GiftWish to the wrong email

  50. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

  51. I love receiving Hallmark eCards!

  52. I ordered a future dated ecard with a Gift Wish certificate, can I cancel my order?

  53. Import Address Book From Other Email Providers

  54. Invalid Key on forgot password

  55. Is Hallmark sending spam eCards?

  56. Is My Credit Card Safe?

  57. Is my account information secure?

  58. Just want a single (or 1) eCard

  59. Maxine Facts and Information

  60. My account is through iTunes, how do I manage it?

  61. New Personalization

  62. New Pricing Options


  64. Problems with seeing eCards or cannot view eCards

  65. The URL in my eCard notification took me to a website that was not

  66. What are the benefits to having an eCards subscription?

  67. What is a Gift Wish certificate?

  68. What Payment Methods do You Accept?

  69. When are future dated ecards sent?

  70. Where are my reminders?

  71. Where can I see my Future/Later dated eCards?

  72. Why am I being asked for payment when I have an ecard subscription?

  73. Why can't I post to someone's timeline on Facebook?

  74. Why can't I send THIS eCard to Facebook when I can send others?

  75. Why did send me an email asking for my username and password?

  76. Why did I receive a charge from for $1?

  77. Why doesn't Hallmark eCards have a Phone Number?

  78. Why wasn't my ecard received?

  79. Why We Charge for eCards

  80. Will my customer contact information be disclosed to third parties?

  81. Will my recipients be added to my Address Book?

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